SEO Case Study -
Aliat Suceava, Medical Clinic


From Struggling to Thriving: A 15-fold increase in traffic. An SEO Success Story for Aliat Suceava, one of Romania's Leading Addiction Treatment Clinic


Aliat Suceava, a renowned psychotherapy and addiction treatment clinic in Romania, was facing numerous challenges that hindered their online presence, client acquisition, and data insights. 

Despite being experts in their field, they were overshadowed by competitors who lacked their expertise. Recognizing the significance of a strong online presence, Aliat Suceava sought an effective solution to amplify their brand visibility, attract more clients, and gain valuable website performance data. 

This case study showcases the journey of how a comprehensive SEO strategy transformed Aliat Suceava’s online presence, positioning them as a leading clinic in their industry.

Challenges Faced

Aliat Suceava encountered several problems and frustrations, including:

  • Lack of website traffic: The clinic struggled to attract a substantial volume of visitors to their website. Most of their clients were coming from word-of-mouth marketing due to their high-quality services and strong reputation.


  • Lack of new leads & clients: Despite their expertise, Aliat Suceava did not attract many new clients.


  • Lack of data about their audience and website performance: They lacked insights into their audience’s needs and behaviour or their website’s performance, making it challenging to identify areas for improvement.

Competitive Landscape

Despite being one of Romania’s leading addiction treatment clinics, Aliat Suceava faced fierce competition from lesser-qualified competitors. 

These competitors had managed to gain an advantage in terms of online visibility and client acquisition, posing a significant challenge for Aliat Suceava to maintain their position in the industry.

Understanding the Business and Challenges

In order to comprehend the unique aspects of Aliat Suceava’s business and the challenges they faced, extensive research was conducted into the addiction treatment industry. 

Regular meetings with the client were scheduled to listen to their concerns, gather insights, and brainstorm potential solutions. This collaborative approach allowed for a deep understanding of Aliat Suceava’s needs and goals.

The Solution

Considering the restrictions on advertising for this niche, the focus shifted entirely to SEO (including local SEO) as the primary solution. The following steps were taken:

  • Technical Optimization: The website received in-depth analysis and optimization to address any technical issues and enhance user experience.


  • We did a fundamental redesign of the website to align it with SEO best practices and enhance user experience and conversion rates. This presented a challenge as the client’s requirement was to maintain a simple and clean design without implementing any significant changes, catering appropriately to their target audience. Notably, a segment of their audience comprises individuals dealing with games & gambling addiction, necessitating a cautious approach. To avoid triggering associations with their addictions, we opted for a ‘static’ and minimally colored website, prioritizing functionality over intricate design elements.


  • Content Optimization: We restructured, enhanced, and optimized the website’s content to align with SEO best practices, while simultaneously improving the User Experience.


  • Expansion to Related Services: Although they offered psychotherapy services in addition to addiction treatment, it was not featured on their website as it wasn’t their primary focus at the time. Therefore, we decided to expand the range of services listed on the website by including psychotherapy. Despite the high competition in the field, pursuing SEO benefits is worthwhile due to the numerous keywords with large search volumes in this niche.


  • Blog Planning and Optimization: By creating informative and engaging content on the blog, Aliat Suceava gained a wider audience and established their expertise.


  • Please note that due to budget constraints, we refrained from engaging in link building practices for the client. We proceeded with our work without implementing an off-page SEO strategy. Fortunately, given their expertise in the field and reputation as a credible source of information, some backlinks naturally emerged. However, we only had approximately 10 backlinks throughout our collaboration. Given that link building still holds significant influence over rankings, it is important to emphasize that our efforts didn’t include it in our plan.

Implementation Process

The implementation process involved the following stages:

  • Full Website Audit: Identifying and resolving website’s technical issues and improving its structure and user experience.

  • Content Creation and Optimization: Adding new content and ensuring important pages were optimized for relevant keywords and valuable information.

  • Blog Strategy: Developing a content plan to address related keywords and provide valuable resources to the target audience.

  • A full tracking implementation in order to be able to monitor our progress

  • Ongoing Optimization: Regular monitoring and fine-tuning of SEO strategies based on data analysis and user feedback.

Timeline and Results

At the beginning of our collaboration (April 2021) the site had an average of 1100 users coming from SEO

After 20 months the website reached the peak of 16.500 users coming from SEO only.

The timeline of the SEO implementation and corresponding traffic growth:

  • Months 3-4: Witnessed a 30% increase in website traffic.

  • Month 6: Achieved a 40% increase in website traffic.

  • Month 9: Doubled the initial website traffic, reaching significant milestones.

  • Month 16: Experienced a remarkable tenfold (x10) increase in traffic.

  • Month 21: Reached a peak of 16,500 monthly users, representing a 15-fold increase.

Keyword rankings:

  • When we started this project, the site ranked in Google for approximately 134 keywords in the top 100, with 14 in the top 10 and 2 in the top 3.
  • After two years, there was a peak of over 1500 keywords ranking in the top 100, with 257 in the top 10 and 70 in the top 3.

*Beware that the numbers below are derived from Ahrefs data, which is not 100% accurate. Typically, the actual figures are higher.

Organic keywords when we started this project.

Organic keywords after 27 months.

We focused on quality traffic instead of ‘garbage traffic’. We prioritized quality and the final results (leads) over sheer numbers. As a result, the number of conversions was directly proportional to the traffic increase.

Measuring the Improvement

The success of the SEO strategy was measurable through various key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • User Engagement: Tracked metrics such as average session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session to gauge user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Conversion Tracking: Implemented goal completions and conversion tracking to monitor the number of inquiries and leads.

  • Performance Metrics: Measured improvements in keyword rankings, Click Through Rate and organic search traffic.

Client Satisfaction

The exceptional results achieved through the SEO efforts left the client extremely satisfied. Recognizing the positive impact on their business, the client expressed a desire to extend the collaboration beyond the initial contract period, demonstrating their confidence in the achieved success and the ongoing value of the partnership.


Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, Aliat Suceava successfully addressed their challenges and surpassed their competitors in terms of online visibility, client acquisition, and data insights. The collaborative efforts and tailored SEO solutions transformed their website into a powerful asset, attracting a significantly larger audience and positioning them as the go-to clinic for psychotherapy and addiction treatment in Romania.

"Working with Venum Agency has helped my business a lot. I recommend the seriousness, professional skills and involvement they have in the projects they are part of."
Alina Ciupercovici
Owner of Aliat Suceava Clinic