Branding & strategy

What is branding?


Branding is the marketing practice of “sculpting” your company’s image. It is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product or service in the costomers’ mind. 

What elements make up your branding? Well, at a first sight a branding strategy is made of logo, design (even your website), motto, mission statement, vision, values, etc. But today, a company’s branding means much more. A brand can fuel an emotion.  It has come to signify the emotional “gut feeling” reaction a company can generate from its customers.

Why is branding important? A good and unique brand can give you a competitive advantage. New companies and competitors are springing up every day so you have to build an advantage, you have to spark a connection with your audience.  Branding is about what message are you sending to your customers or potential customers.