Newsletters / E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is the most direct and efficient method to connect with your leads and customers. It’s the most effective way to deliver a message, to grow your leads and boost customers’ loyalty. Newsletters are intended to be interactive, to engage your audience, encouraging subscribers to follow an action.

Why should you send e-mail campaigns?
◦ It is a widely used communication channel. Almost 99% of consumers have an e-mail address and at least 90% of them check their e-mail daily.
◦ E-mail converts better. It’s proved that a newsletter converts better than phone calls, social media and other channels.
◦ Multi purpose. A newsletter could have different purposes. Sending a newsletter gives you a big opportunity to increase awareness. E-mail campaigns are generally used for promoting products and services but it’s an ideal way to boost loyalty around customers, by sharing with them useful information.

We can help you in creating and delivering efficient e-mail campaigns!