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seo optimization

SEO is the process of upgrading your website to increase its visibility in Google and other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc.). SEO optimization refers to the improvement of unpaid results, known as “organic” results. So, SEO is focused upon acquiring website traffic without paying for it (without ads). Internet search engines are continuously updating their algorithms, so that means SEO strategies must constantly update too.


What are the most important things for implementing the SEO strategy?

SEO optimization requires a lot of research, technical skills and creativity. There are a lot of influencing factors envolved in SEO but the most common tasks associated with it include finding specific keywords, creating high quality content around those keywords and building backlinks.

How do we approach a SEO optimization project?

1.     We start with a complete audit of your website, to identify major issues, weaknesses and improvements that need to be made.

2. Before moving on implementing a strategy, we need to know your business, the environment and the industry you operate in. An important factor is to identify your vision, needs, targeted audience and competitors. Competition plays a very important role for implementing a SEO strategy.

3.  A detailed market analysis will follow, in order to find those relevant keywords for your website, which will lead to the strategy to implement. This is based on identifying consumers’ search intentions, correlated with the products or services you offer. In this process we can identify the average monthly search volume for a specific keyword, in a given country.

4.   After we identify the search intent in the market and choose the keywords and strategy to follow, the SEO optimization process begins. We do it according to priorities, starting with the technical part (the basic one) and continuing with the on-page and off-page part.

Technical SEO includes accessibility and indexability factors. In other words, we need to find out if your website encounters any technical issues and if it allows search engines to find and index it. The loading speed of your website is another important factor. We make all the necessary improvements to increase the loading speed of your domain, being an important process for both SEO and user experience.

On-page SEO involves entering meta titles and descriptions (using keywords), choosing the right URLs, improving the website architecture and internal linking, creating or updating content based on the chosen keywords. It is an essential and high impact process in terms of site performance in the search engines.

SEO optimization is a complex process and your website could not keep up with strong competitors without paying enough attention to off-page factors. Here we are talking about the references your website obtains from external sources, more precisely, those domains that link to you (backlinking). Google believes that if more websites refer and link to your domain, you have high quality content and you will exceed your competitors with less backlinks. In this scope, we check and analyze your current external links profile,  we identify and propose different campaigns for backlinking extension and optimization. This process will increase your domain authority and its position in Google and other search engines.

5.   Google changes its algorithm periodically, so this means we need to keep up with them, making the necessary implementations and monitoring your website performance constantly. Every month we perform a new audit to identify possible new issues or things to be improved. Constantly we are analysing new opportunities for growing in organic search engines results.

6.   We will keep you updated periodically (weekly / monthly) with the performance of your website, presenting statistics with its evolution.

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