Web design and development

You need a website!

web design and development

Your website could be the most important marketing asset! The world is getting more and more digital even in the business sector. Every company needs a website and a good online presence which can increase leads and sales. Your website is your virtual sales representative which works non stop!

How do we approach a project of web design and development?

1. First of all, we have to know your company and industry, your products or services, and also your company’s goals. After this step, we analyze and decide together which type of website suits you best, wheter it is a presentation website or an e-commerce platform. Following this step, we can estimate a price.

2. Next, we try to find out your expectations and desires about the website. For example, you may want to have some special futures or a specific interface design, certain colors, and so on. Generally, we first listen to the client’s wish and then we come up with suggestions, tips and improvements. After that, we will ask you for 1-2 examples of websites you like, even some negative examples, so we can better understand your needs and expectations.

3. Now we should have a good idea of how your website should look and what it should contain. We’ll show you a sketch of your website or some models you can choose from. Now we are at the point where we can calculate a final cost and the necessary execution time for you web design project. After we have your confirmation, we start to develop your web platform.

4. When we are about to finish the project, we will present you the website, ask you for an opinion and we will make the necessary changes in case you have certain objections. We will hand you the website and provide you the tutorials or support needed to manage it, or if you opt for a maintenance and/or SEO service, we will continue to take care of it for you.

We build and design professional and responsive websites at affordable rates. If you need a modern website able to convert visitors into leads and sales, we can help you!